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7) Stuart Dyer (Nick)  Male
Honeybourne, Evesham, Worc's Location
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Monday, 10 April 2006 11:20 PM Host: Send E-mail

Good web page, made me think of the past. I was born in Gravesend in 1946, I left when too many from other places started arriving.
The Gravesend I knew is dead and gone along with Northcourt school and the Globe pub. Only shadows remain; what has replaced the Gravesend I loved is a dirty boil on the backside of Kent.
Too many people - too many awful new buildings.

glenn hutchins Friday, 29 January 2010 03:56 PM
Hello Stuart are you the stuart Dyer that used to work on the tugs? I agree with your last statement Gravesend has changed so much since the Co-op hall,General Gorden pub and all of the other dances

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